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Thumbnail Image99 Days 99 Channels is the 1st video project created by myself, Lincoln of Channel Higher Self. This Higher Self video sereies was launched on August 11, 2008 on YouTube and contains 99 channelled messaged from the Higher Self Consciousness. All videos are recorded live with no video editing - keeping the authenticity and honesty of the Higher Self spiritual messages.

The Higher Self Consciousness is a field of universal intelligence that is accessiblle by any one after sufficient spiritual development is achieved. Through a dedicated practice of meditation on the Spiritual Heart (as taught by the Higher Self) and a sincere intent to quiet, silence and purify the ego mind anyone can establish the Higher Self connection within themselves.

The channeling videos in 99 Days 99 Channels offer a look into the process of channeling the Higher Self Consciousness and show the spiritual development happening within the channel throughout these 99 days of daily Higher Self channeling. As I channel the Higher Self Consciousness every day, occuring within me is a great spiritual transformation as I align myself more fully with the energy and intellignece of the Higher Self Consciousness. Notice how the channel's own energy changes during this 99 days process. Notice the change in the channel's voice, the increased clarity of the messages, and more peaceful body language. None of these changes were intended by the channel when I began this 99 day Higher Self initiation.

These 99 videos are a look into the process of personal transformation when a person dedicates himself or herself to a daily practice of connecting with the Higher Self Consciousness within the Spiritual Heart.

To learn more about the Higher Self Consciousness and the process of channeling the Higher Self, please use the buttons below and watch the videos that are part of the Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self. The channel, Lincoln, is also available for personal sessions where he will channel the Higher Self Consciousness for you. Please contact me using the CONTACT button at the top of the webpage.

All Channel Higher Self videos are provided to the public free of charge. It is this channel's sincere desire to assist humanity in the process of spiritual awaekening and personal transformation. To support this channel and allow him to continue offering free videos to the public, please donatel using the PayPal Donation button the sidebar. The sponsoring websites and advertising throughout 99 Days 99 Channels also help to support Channel Higher Self. Please visit these links. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Lincoln.

Alll 99 Days 99 Channels videos are available as mp3 audio files. Please visit the Channel Higher Self Shop to download these audio files.

It is my great joy to serve all of you through my videos and Higher Self messages. I wish all of you the greatest Love and desire that you can find this same Love within your self.

Many blessigns and much Love,

~ Lincoln, the Channel for Higher Self


Learn more about Channelling Higher Self

Channeling is form of inter-dimensional communication. The channeling medium (person) enters a state of trance or deep meditation, whereby a channel of communication is opened up between the 3-dimensional earth realm and the multi-dimensional spirit realm.

During the process of channeling, specific chakras, nadhis, and meridians become activated as this higher form of communication is established.

    • Chakras are psychic energy centers that convert energy and intelligence between the spiritual body, the psychic body and the physical body. The Sanskrit term chakra means "wheel".
  • Nadhis are the energy pathways that transport energy and intelligence within the body. Energy is carried from the chakras throughout the body within the nadhis. There are 72,000 nadhis in the human energy system. The Sanskrit term nadhi means "stream".
  • Meridians are similar to nadhis. Meridan is the term in Chinese energy medicine, while nadhi is the term in yoga.

There are 2 types of spiritual channels - conscious channels and unconscious channels.

  • A conscious channel is awake and aware of the entire channeling expereince. A conscious channel remains in the body while the information is being channeled. Every word spoken and energy felt is fully experienced by the channel as it is being communicated. A conscious channel is in a state of hyper-alterness during the channeling process.
  • An unconscious channel is not aware of the earth plane during the channeling process. An unconscious channel will leave the physical body and/or fall into a state of dreaming or dreamless sleep. An unconscious channel may experience dreaming visions during a channeling session. Or the channel may experience a lapse of time and remember nothing while the channeling session was taking place. Some unconscious channels will leave the physical body and travel into the spiritual dimension during a channeling session.

Lincoln, the Channel for Higher Self, is a conscious channel. He is aware of every word spoken and every feeling experienced during his channeling sessions. Lincoln is also aware of the energy of the audience or client who is receiving the channeled message.

During a channeling session, various spirit beings (dearly departed loved ones, ascended masters, spirit guides, frequency bands, devas, nature spirits, etc) can communicate through the channel to the audience. On occasion, the audience can communicate directly with the spirit beings – asking questions, sharing gratitude, etc. – in the form of a conversation. Often times the information presented through the channel can be healing and helpful.

Lincoln, the Channel for Higher Self, only communicates with the Higher Self Consciousness. No other spiritual beings are contacted. On occassion, other spiritual beings do appear during channeling sessions, however these spiritual beigns are not embodied by the channel. Communication with these spiritual beings can occur and information can be exchanged to the benefit of the audience. However at no time will Lincoln chose to embody an spirit or entity. It is Lincoln's intention to only embody the Higher Self Consciousness.

The Higher Self is one particular dimension or band of frequency in the spiritual realm. The Higher Self has been frequently referenced in many spiritual traditions around the world. The Higher Self has also been called the Authentic Self, Full Potential Self, Divine Self, Fully Realized Self, Higher Mind, Whole Self, Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, and Soul. The particular name is not important. What is important are the qualities that the Higher Self expresses.

The Higher Self is a expression of one’s highest, most divine qualities of Love, Wisdom, and Power – functioning in alignment with the perfect non-egoic will of God.

It is through these qualities that the Higher Self is recognized, not solely through names.

The Higher Self experiences life from a perspective of Divine Perfection and sees no evil in any form of Life. The Higher Self experiences all forms and expressions of Life as one unified being which itself is part of. There are no experiences of separation and no judgments of condemnation in the dimension of the Higher Self.

A one hundred percent, continuous experience of the Higher Self is what all human beings are seeking. This is an experience of true unconditional Love, an unlimited Wisdom that spans time and space, and a Self-contained fully expressed creative Power that is never imposed upon anyone else, but completely expressed in oneself.

The state of the Higher Self Consciousness may be difficult to understand in words since the Higher Self is beyond the thinking mind. To connect with and experience the Higher Self, the personal mind must be completely silent - this includes the superficial layers of internal dialogue / mind chatter and the deeper inner layers of silent energetic judgement. Through deep meditation a person can learn to quiet the personal mind to allow for communication with the Higher Self to occur.

It is necessary to first remove the experience of a personal self before a person can experience the Uinversal Consciousness of the Higher Self.

It is possible to live in this world as the embodiment of the Higher Self. Many well-known saints and holymen have lived in the Higher Self state while alive on this planet. The Higher Self is not separate from any dimension or location in manifestation. The Higher Self Consciousness exists throughout all space and time, in every person, object, cell, and atom. We need to first recognize this Higher Self Consciousness within us and then act to more fully experience the Higher Self state.

Most channels or mediums enter a state of trance – conscious or unconscious – and open communication with a particular being or group of beings. These beings are usually spiritual helpers for the channel or specific beings requested by the person receiving the channeling. In these cases, since a particular being is channeled, the information communicated contains the perspective and attitudes of the spirit being. This biased communication has its pros and cons. One such positive example is when a dearly departed loved one is channeled. The personality of the departed being is still expressed to the audience – often satisfying the audience receiving the channeling. However, a negative aspect of channeling particular beings is that the information or advice is restricted by that spirit’s own perspectives, which are a result of that spirit’s particular Soul experiences or human ego experiences. Some people do desire to receive the comforting advice of a departed loved one or a particular spirit guide because it is familiar and more easily accepted.

However, this is not how channeling the Higher Self works. Tthe Higher Self is a non-biased field of Intelligence that presents information in a more purified, non-egoic manner. Because the Higher Self is an universal embodiement, and not a particular spirit being, the information being communicated is not influenced by a personal history or personal agenda.

As a conscious channel, I am fully aware of the energies passing through my physical body and energy bodies from the spirit realms into this earth realm. I can feel the subtle difference between pure unconditional loving communication and self-motivated agenda-driven information. There is a very clear energetic difference. For this reason, I choose to not connect with limited personalities or spirit beings with agendas. Instead I stay connected to the pure stream of unconditional love and Higher Self Intelligence.

The energy of the Higher Self is much more refined and pure than personality-based spirit beings. For this reason, it may be more difficult to experience the Higher Self Consciousness compared to a channeling or communicating with a lower energy spirit being. However through spiritual practices that awaken the Spiritual Heart, everyone has the potential to embody the Higher Self Consciousness.

The information channeled from the Higher Self may at times be direct and cause the audience to react from their egoic “pain body” or the judging ego mind. Such is often the case when the audience is unwilling to look at or work through a particular issue in their lives. It is important to understand that the Higher Self information is always in alignment with unconditional Love. However sometimes that direct Love and Wisdom is too powerful for the personal ego to accept at that moment. Yet in the future, the Higher Self information will eventually transform and dissolve that part of the personal ego that is limiting the earth-bound Soul from greater experiences of Love and Light.

This is akin to lighting a candle in a completely dark room. At first your eyes will squint to shut out some of the bright light. But in time, your eyes will adjust and you will see the light in it’s entirety and the room will be fully illuminated.

Spiritual transformation is a process. We all must have patience and compassion with ourselves. All humans are working towards a full embodiment of the Higher Self Consciousness. This is a Universal plan unfolding upon this planet and in our Hearts.

The Higher Self is a pure expression of Love, Wisdom, and Power. The Higher Self does not desire to control or manipulate the free will of any person or spiritual being. The Higher Self experiences all of Life as Love and offers its Wisdom unconditionally and without expectation.

Channeling the Higher Self Conscoiousness is a beautiful experience. During channeling Higher Self sssions I am filled with an amazing Love that is beyond the forms of this world. This Divine Love exists within space itself - filling my body, filling my mind, filling my enivronment and everyone in it. During a Higher Self session, I more deeply experience everything as this Divine Love.

In this experence of such powerful Love, my mind falls completely silent. I have no desires or wants in my mind or emotional body, since the Divine Love is the goal of all material searching and spiritual seeking. In this communion with the Higher Self, I feel complete, whole, and perfect. And this is how I see the world - complete, whole and perfect. Even with all of the superficial changes taking place in this world, the essenece is experienced as Divine Love.

The Higher Self is the direct experience of Divine Love and Absolute Perfection. When experiencing the Higher Self state, every form in my consciousness - whether a thought, energy, or person - is a manifestation of Divine Love. It is from this place of peace and unity that I channel the Intelligence of the Higher Self.

During personal Higher Self channeling sessions for an audience or client, I enter deeply into this state of Divine Love and Higher Self Intelligence and provide answers, guidance, and healing energy. A personal Higher Self channeling session is as much an energetic empowerment of Higher Self energy, as it is a source of guidance, information, and knowledge.

Channeling is only possible when we are first able to create a sufficient amount of silence and space in our mind. If our mind is filled with internal talk and concepts, then there is no space and silence for the Higher Self to enter into. When I begin channeling, I first empty my mind of all thoughts and gross mental energy. I do this with a simple, natural exhale. This creates the necessary space and silence for me to enter the communication.

I then take my focal point of awareness and place it into my Spiritual Heart. The Spiritual Heart is a deep spiritual energy center and interdimensional doorway that exists near the location of the heart chakra. These two are different however. The heart chakra is located in the astral body or psyhic body, while the Spiritual Heart is located in the causal body or spiritual body - a deeper layer of our manifest self. It is through the Spiritual Heart that the Higher Self Consciousness can be reached.

Almost immediately as I place my focus of awareness on my Spiritual Heart, a point at the top of my crown becomes energetically active. This region is very small - approximately the size of the tip of my thumb - and is located at the exact center of my body's axis on the crown of my head. This concentrated energetic point is different from the crown chakra, which is a larger area of psychic energy that essentially spans the entire brain region.

Connecting these two energetic ponts - the top of the head and the Spiritual Heart - is a stream of spiritual energy that runs through my body. It is through this stream that the information from the Higher Self travels - beginning in the Spiritual Heart and entering into the brain where it is formulated as words, sounds, and imagery.

The deeper I enter into the Higher Self Consciousness, the more this localized stream of energy expands to fill my entire energy body. This spiritual energy is has such power that I may lose awareness of my physical body and exist only as spiritual energy or Pure Consciousness.

The informatin that travels in my awareness during a session is provided in "information packets". In these information packets, I recieve a large amount of information that my mind and energy body immediately understands. The information is beyond words, sounds, and images. The information is best described as immediate knowing. In one instant the information is proceeded and understood. At this point, I do not need to speak the information, for I have already understood the message. However for the benefit of the audience, I then begin to speak the information that I have just been given. Sometimes, I can speak for 20 minutes from the information that I received and understood in an instant.

Learning in these "information packets" is different from psychic learning. Psychic learning occurs in images, sounds, or feelings that then need to be processed by the mind to be undesrstood. The Higher Self information packets are instantly understood and processed without any forms in the mind. The mind remains silent and still. This is a more subtle and effective form of communication and learning. Essentially, knowledge is directly imparted from one consciousness to another - directly and instantly.

This higher form of communcation is available to all of us when we are able to drop our limited self-identity and expand our consciousness to higher levels.

The sky is the limit when communicating with the Higher Self Consciousness. Just like a best friend, we can say and ask anything of the Higher Self. The answer may not always be what we expect, however it is what will benefit our spiritual growth most.

The Higher Self Consciousness has access to information that extends beyond our own limited personal understanding of ourselves, others, our situation, and our lifetimes. From this greater source of information, the Higher Self creates its answers to our questions.

It is common that as a person continues to listen to a recorded Higher Self channeling session over a period of many months, the words from the Higher Self continue to be understood at deeper levels. As we ourselves awaken over time, we see that the Higher Self gave us answers that conitnue to support us on our spiritual path.

During a channeling session, I pose no resrictinons on what can be asked. However sometimes certain information is not available. This happens for a few reasons – the two most prominent reasons are: the person (i.e., you) are not allowed access to the information because you do not have the subjects’ permission; or that it is not the appropriate time to know such information, because it is not in accord with your Soul’s plan.

Hitting a “restricted access” wall does not mean that we are in error. Rather it teaches us something else. Perhaps we need to examine ourselves and not our friends/relatives/etc. Or maybe patience and allowing for divine timing is a virtue that we need to focus on.

Even if we do not get all of the answers that we are seeking, we will always get the appropriate information for this stage of our life’s journey.

If you are interested in a personal Higher Self channeling session, please visit my website Channeling Higher Self to learn more and request a session.


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