Channel Higher Self Testimonials

Below is a list of personal testimonials emailed to Channel Higher Self during the 99 Days 99 Channels video series. Thousands of people have benefited from watching these Higher Self videos, and the number is growing every day. After experiecing the truth, power and Love in these videos, many people have chosen to have a personal Higher Self channeling session. If you feel guided to have a personal channeling session, please visit Channeling Higher Self to learn more.

The Higher Self videos in 99 Days 99 Channels are a gift to you. Please enjoy these videos and use them for your own spiritual growth and personal happiness.

Many blessings and much Love!

~ Lincoln



Channel Higher Self Testimonials

I just had a personal Higher Self channeling session by phone today. I had never done anything like this before, but after watching Lincoln's YouTube videos I thought I'd give it a try. I am going through a transition period in my life right now and I am seeking spiritual answers. I can only say that through Lincoln's Higher Self channeling I was given information and direction beyond my greatest expectations! The depth of love and understanding provideed in Lincoln's channeling was powerful beyond words!! I would recommend Lincoln's service to anyone who is seeking answers at the deepest spiritual level possible!
Roger ~ Oklahoma, USA

I am so grateful for the gift you are offering. And it really changes my life. Watching your videos is the best thing I've ever done. The experience of what you talk about is directly transmitted into the core of my being.

You have become my most important teacher right now. The time I spent with your messages is the daily highlight in my life (which is anything but boring or unspiritual, I assure you!). The feedback I get from the people around me tell me that I am most rapidly changing. I may have been quite a loving being before. But you can tell the difference. Anybody can feel it. People are even more attracted, not by something external, but by what they feel comes from my soul.

And I love to open up more and more every second and give totally everything I have to give. My heart's desire is coming true like a miracle.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the one I will request a personal session from when I feel that I need one. I do not usually take sessions from people because it rarely feels right. With you there is no doubt. It is pure, totally unselfish, without ego, full of love and guided by the Divine. We recognize truth when we meet it.

Sabine ~ Germany

Lincoln's gift for channelling is awesome. I came across him whilst researching stuff on Youtube and immediately and instinctually knew I had landed ''home '' so to speak.

I completely admire his devotion. The more I hear the messages he's channelling as a gift for the rest of us to hear, the more I feel myself surrendering and beaming brighter at life...and love.

He's messages are as inspiring as the many messages that have come before by other ''messangers''......( but the beauty this time the internet, bringing the whole world together, and the information to the here and now).

Thank you , thank you SO VERY MUCH .....Bless you

Cecilia ~ New Zealand

Thank you so much... for taking your time, I can definitely use spiritual advice. Please post more vids if your heart allows, there are to many teachers but not enough wisdom, and there are more people just like me who seek. Any way thank you.

weareonethrugod ~ Colorado, USA

I don't know why but there's so much positive energy I get when I watch your videos. Thanks God there's person like you who's showing us the right path, path of pure love and understanding. I think that every single person should take lessons from you.

I can't describe how grateful I am for everything you've done.

Marcin ~ Poland

Sharing your gift as a higher self channel has been, by far, the most transformative experience I have ever had. Hearing what my higher self had to say, brought joyful tears to my eyes, and my heart is absolutely bursting over the message. It was everything I have searched to know and assisted me to connecting to that deepest part of my heart that was yearning to be expressed. This session was bigger and farther-reaching than I ever expected it to be!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing your wonderous gifts with me and the world. May you be blessed at every moment.

Your courage inspires me, how you surrender your personal ego to spirit and move with the river of life, how you always push buttons in me to become present. I have meditated with your video on chakra meditation 3 days in a row. I must say the first time I was present all the time and I felt all my chakras. Iit seems that everytime I meditate it concentrates on a few chakras, to feel more, to heal and release old "garbage". I felt the spiritual baptism, like water was sprouting from the crown. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to heal myself, to feel myself, to feel spirit, and be with you in spirit. I have also learned to relax more with your meditation videos, and try to focus on being with the experience instead of drifting away with thoughts. It has brought major change to my life. I love myself more than I used to, and it lets me love God more.

Kenneth ~ Netherlands

I have just reached channel 70 of the 99. It truly is brilliant. Really affected me. I now continue on my epic journey through the magical wisdom coming through your divine vessel.

Leon ~ United Kingdom

I want to take this opportunity to thank Lincoln and the Higher Self for the session we had a few days ago. I'm going trough a very difficult time in my life, experiencing fear, loss, frustration, sadness, uncertainty and guilt. A couple of months ago, I ask the Universe or God to help me find Love, not the romantic love but the love that brings healing to all. A few days later I experienced a warm energy coming exactly from my heart (this is the feeling that the Higher Self talks about in the videos). It was sooo beautiful! I knew it was the answer to my prayer of love. In those moments I ask for this wonderful feeling to remain in my life, not just as a one time experience but as a permanent one. That wonderful feeling went away but about a week later I found Lincoln on the Internet. No one told me about him. In fact I was looking for something else, but instead I found one of his videos. I knew it was no coincidence.

I have been a spiritual seeker and read all I could about spirituality but never heard or experienced before the concept of the Love within and how it really feels. When I watched Lincoln's video I KNEW, I knew my search was over. I now know that the search outside of me was over. Instead the realization of my real Self had begun by looking withing.

Because of this difficult time in my live, I decided to ask for a session with Lincoln and get some guidance. I just want to say that beyond the words and beyond the answers, I encountered Love. Love through the Higher Self and Love through Lincoln. I experienced the authentic care and compassion that only unconditional love can give.

Thank you Lincoln for the beautiful being that you are. Thank you for the light and the love that you have come to share.

Becky ~ California, USA


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