99 Days 99 Channels Video #69

Higher Self comparing Ascension and Enlightenment

Relax and watch as the Higher Self answers the question:

Once you've found higher self, is it boring? Because isn't the purpose of this manifestation to ponder and look at the stars with mystery? If you know self, then all ambitions and motivations etc go out the window? This is what I am scared of letting go.

This is an amazing session with a direct energy transmission from the Higher Self, showing you a deeper expression of what the Higher Self experience is.

Learn how the mind can only think of a future based on upon the past. Learn how what you have been taught and told during your life is keeping from surrendering into the Higher Self experience.

Learn how to move beyond your limited thinking, beyond your ego self, to know directly what the Higher Self is.

Direct experience is the teacher. Words are only sign posts.

Date: October 18, 2008
Running Time: 24:01

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