99 Days 99 Channels Video #86

The Oneness of the Spiritual Heart Guided Meditation

In this Channeling Higher Self session, we are given a simple meditation to release our consciousness from the egoic mind.

Through this easy and nearly effortless guided meditation you will be introduced to your Natural State as Pure Consciousness.

You will also be given a simple method to center your Consciousness in the Spiritual Heart, which begins as your energetic heart chakra center and expands to become the One Heart of All Life.

This is a very simple yet powerful meditation.

At the end of the meditation you will learn how this method effectively removes the control the egoic mind has over our Consciousness and returns our Consciousness to the Natural State of Being. You will learn how the Heart is the key to releasing the mind.

Date: November 4, 2008
Running Time: 29:04

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