99 Days 99 Channels Video #77

Energy Body guided meditation - Merging the Self with all parts of your self

This is a truly unique Higher Self channeling session.

Be guided in this original meditation to directly experience and realize the Spiritual Self existin within manifest creation.

Experience how the Self is interwoven within all layers of your manifest expression here - your physical body (material body), your emotional energy body (astral body), and your mental body (causal body).

Realize the Pure Love that you are. Experience this Love existing as the essence of all that you are, all layers and all bodies.

Know by first hand experience that this Love is never separate from any part of you. Know that this Love is you. Know that no permission is needed to realize yourself as Pure Love.

Take the time to journey into your Spiritual Heart, uniting your Divine Love with all parts of your Self.

You will be deeply transformed during this Higher Self guided meditation.

Date: October 26, 2008
Running Time: 49:37

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